Homework due for Thursday 10/12/15

Follow this link to the full text of the book:


Read through Chapter 6 ‘The Overpaid Maid’, then answer the following questions either on your blog or on paper that is to be handed in on Thursday.

1. What relationship did Maria’s family have with Bruno’s?

2. Why does Maria feel such a strong loyalty to Bruno’s father?

3. Pick out 2 particular quotes from the part of the chapter where Maria tells Bruno the story about his father, then write three things that it suggests about Maria’s character.


4.  What language techniques does John Boyne use in this chapter to create an effect on the reader?

Mark II:

5. Evaluate the author’s presentation of Father in the opening 5 chapters.

Explore 3 different examples where Father is mentioned and answer each of the following bullet points for each of your examples:

  • From your perspective, based on the characterisation techniques we’ve covered, how effective is the character here?
  • What specific effects might he have on the reader and why does this make him an effective character or not?


Homework due for MONDAY 30th of Nov.

Complete your summaries for Chapters 3-6 in your books. You can find the full text at this link here.


Each summary needs to have 5 bullet points that cover the main events from that chapter. For example, here is an model summary for Chapter 2 ‘The New House’:

  • Bruno arrives and immediately says that they should leave again but Mother refuses.
  •  Bruno heads upstairs to help Maria unpack and is upset that there is nowhere to explore.
  • He sees one of Father’s soldiers but does not get a good first impression. He seems threatening but then he moves on.
  • Bruno sees something out the window that does not sound good.

Extension Task:

What does each moment suggest about Bruno’s character? Which characterisation technique is Boyne using? Add these to each summary point.